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As Beautiful Inside

Will Mayo: Director

As Beautiful Inside

Will Mayo: Director



Vimeo Staff Picks

The Tennessean


Tacoma Film Festival - October 2017

Way Down Film Festival - October 13-14th, 2017

Palm Springs International ShortFest - June 21st, 10:30am

Sonoma International Film Festival - March 29 - April 2

National Film Festival For Talented Youth (NFFTY) - April 28

Doc Sunback Film Festival 2018

UnLonely Film Festival 2018


A filmmaker and his close-knit Tennessee family assess the character and legacy of a grandfather - through the furniture he made for them.


Directed by Will Mayo

Produced by Ian Scott McGregor and David Brickel

Production Company Voyager

Cinematographer Mack Fisher

Sound Mixer / Boom Op Jonathan Ho

Funded by the Uncharted Filmmaker's Grant.


Pictures from our journey.

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Branded Content

Branded Content




Produced for Kodak, shot on their new Super 8mm camera.


Written, Produced, and Directed by Will Mayo & Ian Scott McGregor

Editing and Sound Design: Will Mayo

Production Company: Dream City (Julia Kennelly)

Starring Annie Golden

Titles and Animation by Ryan Junell




Produced for Condé Nast's TheScene.com for the Halloween season.


Written and Directed by Will Mayo & Ian Scott McGregor

Editing and Sound Design: Will Mayo

Cinematography: Andrew Daugherty



Westville: Farm to Table

Made for Westville, a popular restaurant chain in New York City. Used on the main page of the company's website and on company's social media pages.



Direction, cinematography, and post-production: Will Mayo


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First Night Out

Will Mayo: Director & Producer

Ian Scott McGregor: Writer & Producer

First Night Out

Will Mayo: Director & Producer

Ian Scott McGregor: Writer & Producer

The perfect way to celebrate those brave enough to step out into the world as who they are... the film is incredibly real with undertones of anxiety and vulnerability while still celebrating.
— Out
Dinner out with oneself comes to mean so much more.
— Outfest

Featured by:


Awards & Honors:

The Uncharted Filmmaker's Grant ($25,000) - NFFTY (2016)

Best Super Short - The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (2016)

Vimeo Pride Playlist - Curated by Tegan and Sara


30 Screenings Worldwide:

Creatively Connected Online Film Festival (2017) - New York, NY

Fil'm Hafizasi - Discover&Enjoy (2017) - Istanbul, Turkey

Melbourne Queer Film Festival (2017) - Melbourne, Australia

Bloomington Pride Film Festival (2016) - Bloomington, Indiana

Festival Face a Face (2016) - Saint Etienne, France

Film In De Buurt (2016) - Schiedam, Netherlands

Cheries-Cheris (2016) - Paris, France

Inside Out Ottawa LGBT Film Festival (2016) - Ottawa, Canada

Miami Short Film Festival (2016) - Miami, FL

PROUD! Filmfestival (2016) - Aarhus, Denmark

Milwaukee LGBT Film & Video Festival (2016) - Milwaukee, WI

Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival (2016) - Seattle, WA

Reel Affirmations (2016) - Washington, D.C.

Bushwick Film Festival (2016) - Brooklyn, NY

Sidewalk / SHOUT LGBT Film Festival (2016) - Birmingham, AL

North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2016) - Durham, NC

GAZE Dublin International LGBT Film Festival (2016) - Dublin, Ireland

Trans Pride Short Film Evening (2016) - Brighton, England

Outfest (2016) - Los Angeles, California

Doc Sunback Film Festival (2016) - Mulvane, Kansas

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (2016) - Brooklyn, New York

Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival (2016) - Toronto, Canada

TLVFest (2016) - Tel Aviv, Israel

NFFTY (2016) - Seattle, Washington

Aspen Film Shortsfest (2016) - Aspen, Colorado

Taos Shortz Film Fest (2016) - Taos, New Mexico

Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival (2016) - Boston, MA

23rd Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade (International Premiere, 2015) - Sao Paulo, Brazil

OutCT Transgender Day of Remembrance Screening (2015) - Niantic, Connecticut

NewFestNew York's LGBT Film Festival (World Premiere, 2015) - New York, NY


Directed & Produced by Will Mayo

Written & Produced by Ian Scott McGregor

Starring Todd Alan Crain & Julianne Saltalamacchia

Cinematographer: Andrew Daugherty

Costume: Dusty Childers

Makeup: Ryan Wesley Lawrence

Production Sound: Jonathan Lau

Editor and sound designer: Will Mayo

Consultant: Bob Hawk

Presented by Will Mayo Film and Ian Scott McGregor (USA)


Format: DCP, BluRay, ProRes HQ

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Resolution: 4K

Sound: Stereo & 3-Channel

Running time: 2 minutes 22 seconds

2015 USA


Twitter: @First_Night_Out

Facebook: www.facebook.com/firstnightout


This Is How You Haunt Your House

Will Mayo: Director

This Is How You Haunt Your House

Will Mayo: Director

Fabulously grim... a chilling short horror film... creepy.
— io9
— Bloody Disgusting

Featured on: 


Awards & Honors:

Honorable Mention, Fun Size Horror's Filmmaking Contest (2015)

Daily Short Pick, Film Shortage (2014)


An instructional guide through the afterlife.


Written, directed, edited, and sound designed by Will Mayo

Starring Annie Worden, Elaine Rivers, Sara White, Ian Scott McGregor

Producers: Casey Sincic & T Zhang

Assistant Director: Dana Brawer

Director of Photography: Andrew Daugherty

Art Direction: Alison MacMillan

Location sound: Miki and Yoni Benyamini

Composer: Logan Miley

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Awards & Honors:

Finalist: New Visions & Voices 2013

Commendation for Achievement in Experimental Film: New Visions & Voices 2013

Daily Short Pick: Film Shortage