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THE SHALLOW END @ Indie Memphis Film Festival 2019

THE SHALLOW END @ Indie Memphis Film Festival 2019

The Shallow End, a short directed by Cynthia Silver, edited and post supervised by yours truly, will be screening at Indie Memphis this month. One of my favorite film festivals, Indie Memphis hosts an impressive array of diverse and talented filmmakers from across the world, and provides top tier hospitality.

The short, based on a play by Wendy MacLeod, follows a group of vulnerable, swimsuit-clad teenaged girls jockeying for power at a community swimming pool in early-1980s America. It was a pleasure to edit and supervise. Cheers to everyone involved!

CHANDLER World Premiere @ Atlanta Film Festival (Trailer)

CHANDLER World Premiere @ Atlanta Film Festival (Trailer)

Great news: CHANDLER, written and directed by my dear friend Julia Kennelly, is having its world premiere at Atlanta Film Festival on April 19 at 6:15pm! Location: the Hilan Theatre.

I produced, edited, and sound designed the short for Dream City, a company helmed by Julia, Daisy Zhou, and Karine Benzaria. The trailer I cut has had its official debut. Check it out above!

Late 2017 Updates

Late 2017 Updates

Ghostfish Premiere: January 2018

Left To Right: Ian Scott McGregor (co-director), stars Robert Junell, Annie Golden, Jette Junell, Julia Kennelly (producer), Will Mayo (co-director).

Left To Right: Ian Scott McGregor (co-director), stars Robert Junell, Annie Golden, Jette Junell, Julia Kennelly (producer), Will Mayo (co-director).

Ghostfish, a new short film I co-directed and wrote with Ian Scott McGregor for Kodak Super 8, will premiere at the Consumer Electronic Show on January 7th, 2018 in Las Vegas. The film will appear online around that time.

Stay tuned for a podcast featuring me, Ian, and actress Annie Golden, talking with Kodak about what shooting with their new Super 8mm camera meant to us.

Thank You Helping Make As Beautiful Inside a Vimeo Staff Pick!

As Beautiful Inside's online release in mid-November was very successful, thanks to everyone who shared and liked the film. We got the highly-coveted 'Vimeo Staff Pick' badge, and since then has garnered 22,000+ views. 

Stay tuned for an interview with me and my mom about the film!

The Adulterers at Sundance Film Festival 2018


A series on which I served as post producer and editor, The Adulterers, is an official selection of Sundance Film Festival 2018. I'll be attending the festival along with show creators Tonya Glanz and Chris Roberti, as well as a few others. We're screaming on the inside.

Here's a lil video about the series that I helped make!

Scary Chair!


Did you see Secondhand, the film Ian Scott McGregor and I made for Conde Nast's The Scene back in October?

Renderforest Article

Finally, here's an article from startup website Renderforest, featuring a bit from me:

Summer 2017 Updates

Summer 2017 Updates


Still from  Chandler , starring Zephyr Ingle (center).

Still from Chandler, starring Zephyr Ingle (center).

Chandler, a short film directed by Julia Kennelly and produced/edited by me, has been completed.

Feeling ignored on an important day, a 12-year-old girl seeks attention from an unexpected source.

Written and directed by Julia Kennelly
Produced by Julia Kennelly, Karine Benzaria, and Will Mayo
Production Company: Dream City
Starring: Zephyr Ingle, Christopher Dylan White, Dana Kreitz
Director of Photography: Daisy Zhou
Production Designer: David Jaffe
Editor & Sound Designer: Will Mayo

Coming soon to a film festival near you! For screener requests, please contact me at

As Beautiful Inside - Festival Screenings


As Beautiful Inside will screen at the Tacoma Film Festival (October 7, 2017) and Way Down Film Festival (October 13, 2017). Excited to be included.

Visit the festival websites for programming information.