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Winter 2017 Updates

Winter 2017 Updates

Sound Design: 'The Mess He Made' @ SXSW

Still from "The Mess He Made," directed by Matthew Puccini

'The Mess He Made,' a short film with sound design by yours truly, will be having its world premiere at SXSW, taking place in Austin, Texas, March 10-19. The film is written and directed by Matthew Puccini, with cinematography by Brandon Roots (King Jack). Congrats to everyone involved!

Cinematography: 'Late' in Production

Still from the Kickstarter video for "Late."

'Late,' a short film for I'm the director of photography, has successfully raised its $15,000 goal on Kickstarter and will start production on February 11.

Cinematography: Donate to LATE, by Tatiana Baccari

Please consider donating to the Kickstarter for 'Late,' a short film written by Tatianna Baccari. The film details the experience of a young woman after she misses her birth control pill and worries about the consequences throughout the day.

The film will be directed by Matthew Echelman, with cinematography by Will Mayo.


Cinematography: AN CRANN wins 1st Place at First Run Festival

'An Crann,' an Irish-language short written and directed by Emma Carlson with cinematography by Will Mayo, received numerous awards at the NYU First Run Film Festival (2015), including the 1st Prize King Award (a $10,000 award), and awards for cinematography, screenwriting, acting, and production design. It was one of more than 60 short films!