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Will Mayo grew up on a farm in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, and now works as a film director, producer, and post producer, in Brooklyn, New York. Holding a bachelor's degree in Film and Television Production from NYU, Will is known as a jack-of-all-trades, with a diverse background in narrative, documentary, and experimental forms.


Will's directorial work has been screened at 35+ film festivals around the world and has had a viral presence online:

FIRST NIGHT OUT, a short drama, was featured by Vimeo Staff Picks and Out Magazine after screening at international film festivals like Aspen Shortsfest and Outfest.

AS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE, a short documentary, screened at Palm Springs ShortFest and also became a Vimeo Staff Pick.

SECONDHAND, a viral Halloween short co-directed with his partner Ian Scott McGregor, was produced for Condé Nast's "The Scene." He recently produced a short drama,

GHOSTFISH, currently in post production, is an experimental film shot with Kodak's new and unreleased Super 8mm camera.


Will's producing work:

THE ADULTERERS, an episodic drama / comedy created by Tonya Glanz and Chris Roberti, is an official selection of Sundance Film Festival 2018 (as post producer)

CHANDLER, a short drama by Julia Kennelly, starring Zephyr Ingle.


Will has extensive experience as a post producer, including editing, sound design, and managing. He's edited two features, a web series, a music video for Atlantic Records, and dozens of shorts. His work has shown at Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca Film Festival. In the past he's worked for NYC-based company Senior Post.


Awards & Recognition:

Vimeo Staff Pick - As Beautiful Inside

Vimeo Staff Pick - First Night Out

Vimeo Pride Playlist, Curated by Tegan and Sara - First Night Out

Featured on - First Night Out

The Uncharted Filmmaker's Grant, NFFTY (2016) - First Night Out

Best Super Short, The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (2016) - First Night Out

Featured on io9 and Kotaku This Is How You Haunt Your House

Honorable Mention, Fun Size Horror's Holiday Filmmaking Contest (2015) - This Is How You Haunt Your House

Craft Award for Sound Design, New Visions & Voices (2016) - Look For Me

Craft Award for Cinematography, First Run Film Festival (2015) - An Crann

Commendation for Achievement in Experimental Film, New Visions & Voices (2013) - Consumed